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I'm a social media Ambassador And create [AMV]s just for fun.
I like Anime :D My favs include:
>Tokyo ghoul >Code Geass >Seraph of the End >Ajin >Bleach >Snow white with red hair >Assassination classroom >Nanbaka >Final fantasy >B-Project >k-Project >Servamp >Psycho pass >Parasyte: The Maxim >Another >Angel Beats >Durarara!! >5 centimeters per second >Sakassama no patema >Koe no katachi >Kimi no na wa >Bungou Stray dogs >Classmates >Charlotte >Re: Zero >


by , Friday September 30, 2016

Do you got a purpose???

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    mumbled "NEW YEAR'S EVE."

    Happy new year everyone. Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this year with all you guys.
    Movellas is getting a better place everyday, changing and growing bigger. Everyone single one of you is awesome

    Let's have big hopes for 2018 as well :)
    Happy writing and enjoying stuff
    2 weeks ago
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    Happy New Year! (xO)
    1 weeks ago
    Happy new year to you too xD
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    mumbled "HEY Christmas Everyone!!!"

    Hey there all Movellians... Happy Christmas to you all. I hope you all will be doing great!!!
    Love and Greetings to everyone of you!!!
    Stay Happy and Enjoy.
    But don't forget to participate in the Christmas Competetion @[Skye S] Just published.
    Here's the Link to it:

    A Christmas Competition

    by Skye S, Friday December 1, 2017
    Write about Christmas - And you could win an extra christmas present :)
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    I know that you all will come up with something really interesting.
    If you had a remarkable story which hadn't been noticed yet, I'll be glad to review it for you!!! :D
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    mumbled "New story coming right up!!!"

    1 months agoReply
    For the first time I'm writing the Sci-Fi story ever which i'll be going to publish in the coming year but I can't say when cuz very soon the final terms will be going to held and so after that i'll publish the story.
    It's not a big deal of thrill XD Cuz you all already knew my story called: "Project: Blacked out" So there you go, i'll be writing and completing that story in coming future!!!

    For the "Ghoul Investigator" lovers!!! I really want to announce that I publish the 20th chapter today and there will be going to five more to it then the story will reach the END OF IT XD. I need to do this because the 3rd season of Tokyo Ghoul is coming in the month of January so i need to complete my fanfiction really soon XD.

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