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    Just like Freak house, these chapters are intriguing all the way through. Dr Holmwood is a mystery, I can't work out whether he's a good guy or a power seeking weirdo. I felt that Jamie was just creepy in Freak House, but this gave me a little empathy for him and some hope that he may change (although I don't have much confidence in Dr Holmwood's technique).. I like that Mary put Zac in his place and that Sophie can stop Zac in his tracks. It seems that there may be a genuine friendship between Cass and Sophie. I'd like it if this was developed further so that there is a bit of warmth in the story, but that's obviously just personal preference. Is there a reason why the staff don't stay in the same room as the kids? It seems strange that they don't when they are so closely monitored in other ways and being in the same room would make it easier for staff to manage situations better. One of the main things I like about this work is that every sentence is interesting, it's the kind of story that you want to keep on reading because you really want to know what happens next. Looking forward to finding out more.
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    This is my second Freak House movella, but it takes place before First Love. In this one, I will explore the freaks' backgrounds, focusing on Jamie (formerly called Daniel). As with First Love, I will...
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