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Another story-making, pizza/chocolate lover, geeky girl. Enjoy:)

  • Sarah Allisa
    I really like this! x
    Text/Tweet Imagines ||CLOSED
    Text/Tweet Imagine...
    Ever imagined what it would be like to receive a text or tweet from your favorite One Direction or 5 Seconds of Summer boy? Well I'm here to fulfill that imagine! Just read chapter one to find out how...
  • Sarah Allisa
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    This is really good for a first chapter! Update soon okay? x
    They don't know about us
    They don't know...
    Harry had a reputation of being the "Bad boy" He got into drugs , fights and started to take advantage of people. It all stopped when he met Caiti , Caiti was known as the "Goody , Goody.' But will that...
    4 years ago
    I will school has just been piling up :P so it's kind of hard :c but i'll try my best c:
  • Sarah Allisa
    hey, update okay? :) x
    Falling For Me?
    Falling For Me?
    Jasmine is a 16 year old nerd in high school. Her parents hate her guts and beat her whenever they can. Students in her high school hate her. Jasmine cuts. Christian is Jasmine's older and protective brother...
    4 years ago
    I will update as soon as I get likes, and more readers on this movellas.
    I feel Like no one enjoys them.... If I dont get enough likes I will have to start a new movellas :/
    I will update really soon! :)
    Sarah Allisa
    4 years ago
    aaww no, don't start over again.. if you think it's good enough, just wait x
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