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Hey guys the name's Sarada Uchiha, I'm the daughter of Saskue and Sakura. Basically Boruto and the gang are like my family. I love them all but I like to annoy them a lot. I'm a little rusty with my powers but most of time I'm able to control them. Baruto is my BFF mess with him I'll kill you. I like to listen to music and write poems. If ya need me all you gotta say is "Sarada"

Saskue~Sarada why did you dye my hair red*growls*
Sakura~Sarada that's not very nice
Me~This is not the time Mom and Dad


•I must confess I feel like a monster•
•Magic at Heart•
•You have me in chains•
•I don't wanna live forever if I Know I'm going to be living in pain•
•This is all we know•
•I didn't know what it was like to be alone on a Valentine's Day•
•I'm a chain smoker at heart•
•I can build a castle, after all the bricks you threw at me•
Is this the part where I'm supposed to say something interesting.........IM A BANANA there ya go

(What I like to do when I'm bored)
•Annoy Inojin•
•Eat with ChouChou •
•Play pranks on Naruto and my dad•
•Dance/Sing with Ino, Hinata, and my mom•
•Get into trouble with Baruto and Mitsuki•
•Play video games with Shikadai•
(Fav Bands/Singers)
•Panic! At the disco•
•21 piolets•
•Fall out boy•
•Imagine dragons•
•Melony Martinez•
•Hollywood undead•
•Set it off•
•Get scared•
•radical face•

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