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  • Sara851
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    i can't believe you stole MY work. I'm the author of this book. You do realize that that's illegal and that if I put a copyright to MY story you can't steal MY work anymore right? and that you can get into some serious mess because of it right? hope you do because I'm about to put the copyright. You basically took my work, word for word, then changed a few words and lines, and posted it as yours. My name is SaraSierraGomez on Wattpad, and I honestly can't believe you.
    Dip Dyed
    Dip Dyed
    Everything is dip dyed isn't it? Sometimes most of it is happy, and some times most of it is sad. But it's never just one thing. Paige is a 15 year old girl that has gone through so much. Her life is dipped...
    5 years ago
    Ugh, I CANNOT believe she stole your story!!! Oh, and my wattpad name is the same as this username. You might remember me. I love YOU'RE story by the way. :)
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