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  • Sara1D
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    Update!! :D
    Mated With My Hater
    Mated With My Hate...
    Lanna Môn Claire used to be a normal girl, she got excellent grades, did everything she was told and had a unique future. She was also the girl that had no real friends, someone who she could talk to....
  • Sara1D
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    Update!!! :D this is better than the popular fanfics!
    For the love of my daughter {One Direction}
    For the love of...
    "I told you to stay out of my life Sam! You said you didn't want anything to do with her, so why do you suddenly care when she's happy!?" "She's my daughter, I know what's best for her!" "You know...
    6 years ago
    Hopefully it'll end up in the popular fanfics :-)
    Hazza's sunshine
    6 years ago
    It will its really awesome and school is back tomorrow going to do the dare bout Alex and Sam :)
  • Sara1D
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    Update <3
    Who to Choose
    Who to Choose
    Nicole simms is an averge girl with a terrible life. Her dad died when she was two and her mom died when she was 7 and she was left with her abusive step dad. What will happen when Nicole meats two boys....
  • Sara1D
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    Love love love it!!!! :)
    Me, Myself and One Direction
    Me, Myself and One...
    When Jess and her friend Bree visit her dad down at London, they thought it would be a simple few weeks, until they bump into one direction and their whole world gets turned upside down. What will happen...
  • Sara1D
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    I freaking loved this fanfic made me cry !! It was so sad :( loved it!
    Only You {Book 1 completed}
    Only You {Book 1...
    Ally Hylton has had a difficult life. When she was much younger, her mother died of cancer. Now, she has moved to a new city and new college, only recognizing the familiar face of her cousin, Harry. Also,...
    J.K. Panesar
    6 years ago
    thanks and dnt be sad
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