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    Dyman review, SEA Games: Singapore’s judo revival

    SINGAPORE: Singapore's 34th and final gold medal at the Myanmar Southeast Asian (SEA) Games was won by judoka Ho Han Boon.

    He took the gold in the men's over-100kg category.

    The hulking 188-kg athlete wants to continue his winning ways at the 2015 Games, which will be hosted by Singapore.

    Ho defeated Thailand's Saknarin Kaewpakdee in the first bout of the round-robin tournament before overcoming Malaysia's Abdul Razak in the final.

    The medal means a lot to the 24-year old, especially as it was his SEA Games debut.

    But Ho admits it won't be an easy task to repeat his win when Singapore plays host in 2015.

    He said: "The pressure is there, especially it (2015 SEA Games) is in the home ground, and opponents now they know what I am going to do. Maybe in 2015, I got to change my way of doing it, change of styles and throws."

    The 1.92m tall giant already knows where he needs to improve if he wants another shot at gold.

    One key factor will be to reduce his weight by at least 20kg for better stability and stamina.

    Ho had trained in Mongolia before the Myanmar competition, and hopes he could get another trip there prior to 2015.

    The Singapore Judo Federation (SJF) has already assembled a squad of about 40 athletes to prepare for the next SEA Games, and some of them have already started training.

    The Federation is looking at fielding up to 20 athletes across 18 events when Singapore plays host.

    SJF is optimistic that at least five or six of the judokas will reach the finals, with a few of them in with a realistic chance of clinching gold.

    Steven Loh, vice president of SJF, said: "Get a big squad early, and we will keep training because you cannot depend on one weight and have one person for 18 months, and then a month before that he gets injured. So we have a few people within the same weight category, and we will send them out for regional competition, which is very important for qualifying and for gaining experience."

    On the coaching front, local coach Low Chee Kiong will continue to train the squad.

    He had replaced Korean Coach Jeon Ki Young, who resigned in August 2013.

    The Federation has confirmed Singapore Expo Halls 1 and 2 as the competition venue for the 2015 SEA Games.

    The halls will be able to hold up to 2,000 spectators. A pre SEA Games tournament will be held to test the venue and as a final tune-up for the organizers.
  • Sara Townsend

    Dyman Judo Club Association & Dyman Karate Associates Int'l: The International Judo Federation

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    Source: http://dymanjudoclub.livejournal.com/

    Preambule of the IJF statutes

    The International Judo Federation is composed of National Judo Federations and Continental Unions. Each National Federation must be recognized as the sole federation authorized to represent its country in international sporting bodies by its Olympic Committee, which itself is duly recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

    The major development of judo worldwide made it necessary to create Continental Unions. These Unions are in charge of implementing the policy of the International Judo Federation and the International Olympic Committee.

    Judo was created in 1882 by Professor Jigoro Kano. As an educational method derived from the martial arts, judo became an official Olympic sport in 1964 (after being named as a demonstration sport at the 1940 Tokyo Olympic Games which were cancelled due to international conflict). Judo is a highly codified sport in which the mind controls the expression of the body and is a sport which contributes to educating individuals.

    Beyond competitions and combat, judo involves technical research, practice of katas, self-defense work, physical preparation and sharpening of spirit.

    As a discipline derived from ancestral traditions, judo was designed by its Master Founder as an eminently modern and progressive activity.

    The International Judo Federation was incorporated in Ireland as a company limited by guarantee and as a non for profit organization. In conformity with the decision of the Congress dated August 23, 2009, the International Judo Federation is now a nonprofit Association under Swiss law with seat in Lausanne.

    The IJF Aims

    The IJF has the following aims, without this constituting an exhaustive list:
    • To promote cordial and friendly relations between its members, to uphold proper operating procedures of the member Federations and Unions to lead and organize judo activities throughout the world.
    • To protect the interests of judo throughout the world.
    • To organize IJF events, to supervise events organized by its members and to participate in the organization of Olympic events.
    • To develop the practice of judo throughout the world for all categories of the population.
    • To establish rules for practicing judo and the rules applicable to International competitions organized or recognized by the IJF.
    • To improve the quality of judo training.
    • To supervise the awarding of grades, including “dan” ranks, and their compliance with IJF rules.
    • To promote the ideals and objectives behind the Olympic movement.

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