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Appearance: 5 ft 6, orange hair(dyed), brown eyes, slim
is a bit of a loner, loves film and reading, writing, singing, acting
I'm a massive fan of Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart and Chloe Moretz, Alicia Vikander
I love the hunger games, horror/Thrillers, The maze runner, Panic room, the purge, ex machina
Fave authors: Sophie mackenzie, Chris Higgins, Cat Clarke, siobhan curham, annabel pitcher, Cathy cassidy and Jaqueline wilson, helen bailey.
fave singers; Taylor Swift, Lana Del rey. paramore, 5 seconds of summer, the vamps, my chemical romance
favourite TV shows; Eastenders, xfactor, holby city, the voice britains got talent, and crime/mystery dramas
Dream: to be an actress

  • Seraphina Summer

    fave characters on the hunger games?

    just finished reading the series AGAIN and it touches me every time. Has to be my favourite book series ever!
    my favourite characters have to be foxface and johanna.
    Hope Skyliner
    2 years ago
    Rue is amazing. Its so sad when she dies. it was cool that she was the smallest but still managed to stay alive that long
    Victoria Raven
    1 years ago
    Cato and Clove, hands down!
  • Seraphina Summer

    mumbled "A little bit unusual student teacher relationship"

    hey guys! I've just started a new story about a student teacher romance called falling for darkness. would be grateful if you could all take a look! :)
  • Seraphina Summer
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    Amelia99 i had that exact thing happen to me, one of my so called friends said she was only allowed to have 2 firneds, so ended off not bothering to invite me, enev though she acta nice the rare occasioans she bothers to meet me at the canteen.
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    5 years ago
    It's happened to me too! So annoying!
  • Seraphina Summer
    Great story, I like it that you've checked your spellings and paragraphs, and you make it sound interesting, I like it that you've got cliffhangers on your stories. Please update!! Xxx
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