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  • Sapphire Evans
    SO good! Please update! I love the story so far (and also how good your spelling and grammar is oops)
    Finding Atlas
    Finding Atlas
    Annabelle Tate doesn't remember what life was like before the Colony. All she knows is that life during it is dreadful. When a citizen turns 17 they're automatically tested on their loyalty, agility, intelligence...
    4 years ago
    Hi thank you so much for the comment love. I'm working on the next chapter right now.
  • Sapphire Evans
    NO! NOOOOOO! *screams in agony* (Loved the book you had me sooo into it!)
    My moms boyfriends son
    My moms boyfriends...
    Cat is a ordinary 18 year old girl who lives with her mum as an only child. When her moms relationship with a man named Eric has been going on for a while, Cat realizes her crush on Eric's son, Nick. After...
    Aw thanks (: I made a sequel called 'Memories' !
  • Sapphire Evans
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    I've noticed that the word "chica" keeps making an entrance :P
    A Dog Named Bear
    A Dog Named Bear
    Cassie Davis dreams of having a normal life. Her parents are rich and famous. She's not popular in school, at all. All Cassie wants is a dog, but her parents are too busy for her or a pet. Their butler,...
    Addie James
    5 years ago
    only a few times ;)
    Sapphire Evans
    5 years ago
    and on Ig and texting and email :P ;) :D
    Addie James
    5 years ago
    get over it ;)
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