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hello, as you can see my Pen name is Sapphire.
i enjoy writing, playing instruments, drawing, and of course reading.

  • Sapphire.
    6 years agoReply
    oh! this sounds like an interesting book, your a talented writer ^^
    Bird Song
    Bird Song
    Lark lives with her mum and her younger sister Cupcake. They have been moving around for years but finally they have selttled down in a little village called Honeysuckle. Unfortunally Lark still hasn't...
    Conniee is me! xx
    Awwww thanks I will write more soon!!.. Cxx
  • Sapphire.
    6 years agoReply
    wow! im really hooked,
    this is an amazing story ^^
    Dragged Back
    Dragged Back
    Amunet is a spirit of the underworld. Her job is to help spirits find their way to their after-life. In the real world she doesn't exist, which is why she's so confused when a boy sees her. And tries to...
  • Sapphire.
    6 years agoReply
    that is a very good story ^^ very interesting.
    Beneath the Surface
    Beneath the Surfac...
    Safety. Protection. Ever since her childhood, water has been her shelter. What's your sanctuary? This is a story written for XxJessxX's competition "JessComp", where I have chosen to write about...
    Bells Hunter
    6 years ago
    Thanks, I may write more :)
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