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If it's not romance, then it's pretty much alien to me. Stories have been told throughout centuries in almost every genre created by the help of mankind. Us. I am the individual that indulges in impeccable romance and if someone else can't write it, then I will. My imagination spans beyond the measurements of our universe and I have the growing motivation to feed you the medicine you have been craving for. With support and motivation do we achieve greater greatness.

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    Tell Me About Your Stories

    As I have induced you with my passion for romantic genres, I would like to know about your storytelling insights. What are your passions as a writer? What is your muse and tell me about the obstacles you face when writing that amazing story you just have trouble finishing.
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    Hello family of the Movellas site,

    New or old, I welcome you with my highest regards. My name is Saphara Darkstar, you can call me Saph if you would like. I am 21 years old with a passion for writing ever since I hit the 6th grade. My genre has always and will continue to lie with the passion of romance, always the one with a happy ending.

    Please let me know about you and if you want to know more about me, feel free to ask me anything!

    Saphara Darkstar
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    Omg! I usually don't read other peoples stuff due to the fact that I like to write more than, but I like this! You must update! (:
    Every Good Girl Needs a Bad Boy
    Every Good Girl...
    The Bad Boy and the Good Girl... Such a cliche. But it's true good girls sometimes fall for the bad boys.... Will I? What will my parent's think? Want to find out? Join me.
    10 months ago
    Thank you so much!! I will try to update soon
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    mumbled "A Darker Whisper Chapter 2 Release"

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    Chapter 2 has been released. Remember each chapter is released every Sunday, so don't miss out on this exciting journey of passionate romance!
    A Darker WhisperShe works at the number 1, high class restaurant as the number 1 waitress by night and is an ordinary high school senior by day, even though her father...
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    mumbled "Looking for readers out there!"

    I am looking for feedback on my stories and followers who enjoy them! I enjoy writing, but I enjoy it more if someone enjoys them as well. Any readers out there that love romantic stories, try mine out and let me know what you think. Most, if not all, are in need of continuation. I do follow back if requested!
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