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  • sanya

    mumbled "this is just the way life is "

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    My angel, my bodyguard, when will you ever see?
    My love for you includes JUST YOU AND ME,
    when you look at the moon, you'll see my face, whoa steady, steady! My heart's not at it's pace.

    I promise to love you, forever and ever,
    oh, my beauty, it's now or never,
    when you glance at me, i will start to blush,
    oh, but darling, love is as such.

    What i'm trying to say;
    please dont ever go away!
    Be around me, twenty-four seven,
    and i'll make you feel you're in heaven.

    This is how you make me feel,
    now go ahead and make my heart heal,
    you've got magic in your hands,
    even my friends agree, this is how YOU stand
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