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Hi 5sos Fam!
My name is *smirks* Trouble ��(jk im Sandy and Im 5sos Af) and 5sos rlly changed my life the boys they little up my world like nobody else they made me laugh until my stomach hurt and had tears in my eyes they made me smile everyday even when im at the lowest point. They boys did amazing things they r also rlly amazing themselves and id i countinue rambling on about how perfect they r itll go on forever. Im also pizza af but im starting to not eat cuz im getting fat af but enough about me and my pizza i realised something the other night i always daydreamed and dreamed that one of the boys would ask me out on a date when i met them i believed that it will happen but the other night i realised wats the point anymore im just another fan they r never gonna date someone like me whos depressed and always a mess a cutter and a fuck up i gave up on that i stopped believe in cuz theres prettier and better girls out there who doesnt have a single flaw on them.

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