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    Nerd in love (harry styles)

    Being one of the popular girls at school wasn?t who you wanted to be, crazy as it sounds.

    You didn?t like, want or need all the attention you and your so-called friends received while just walking down the hallway.

    You didn?t like the fact that people were scared of you.

    You didn?t like the rumors being spread about you.

    And you definitely didn?t like the fact that you had to hide who you truly were from everybody; a nerd.

    You didn?t choose the popularity, your older brother did; and now that he had graduated, he left you the ?family legacy?.

    You still got good grades and tried to be yourself, but no one completely knew who you were and it hurt hiding it for so long.

    What you didn?t know was that a certain someone wasn?t really buying the cover-up and saw beyond the popularity.

    ?Haz, you?re staring again. If you keep doing this, someone will notice? his only friend advised from across the lunch table, knowing that if the word got out; his ending would be soon.

    But he couldn?t control himself anymore, he?d fallen in with love you, but you could never feel the same?as he thought.

    And as his friend had suspected, people started noticing and soon the rumors spread, and eventually you found out.

    You and your friends were standing outside the school building about to leave, when they caught him staring again.

    ?I dare you to go talk to him? one said and they started hysterically laughing as if it were some kind of joke.

    Once he saw you coming, he immediately dropped his stare to the ground.

    YOUR P.O.V

    ?Hey Harry? I said as I stood in front of him

    ?How do you know my name??

    ?You know mine, don?t you??

    ?Y-yes of course, (Y/N). Nobody doesn?t know your name? at that I rolled my eyes.

    ?Look, I?m just gonna cut the chase. I heard from someone that you like me, is that true?? he immediately went from how he normally looked to red, then slowly the color drained from his face.

    ?Yeah, it is true? he said ?I?m sorry if I embarrassed you? he continued

    ?You?re actually apologizing? I?m not embarrassed by you? I said, but he only looked down.

    ?Thank you for being nice, but you and I both know that having rumors spread about is embarrassing?especially if it?s about someone like me liking you?

    At that moment I wanted to prove to him as much as I wanted to prove to every body else, that I wasn?t what I was made out to be.

    I slowly placed my fingers under his chin and lifted his face, so he would look at me instead of the ground. I looked into his eyes; for the first time realizing just how green they were. Now he was the one making the move. He slowly leaned in, not breaking the eye contact for a split second; until our eyes automatically closed. He kissed me, like nobody has before, and I felt like someone had lit fireworks in my stomach.

    ?Still think I?m just being nice?? I asked, looking at his now smiling face and for the first time seeing his undeniably cute dimples.

    He slowly leaned in again ?No? he whispered, seconds before our lips met once once more.

    ?What the fuck do you think you?re doing?? I pulled away and looked behind me.

    There she was; the person who was supposed to be my best friend, standing behind me.

    ?What does it look like??

    ?Kissing a NERD?!? Are you crazy or something?!? she yelled

    By now people were starting to form a crowd around the 3 of us.

    I dropped my arms from around Harry?s neck. I let my left drop to my side. But my right; I let it fall slowly, my fingers caressing Harry?s arm along the way, until it reached his hand, which I held tightly; wanting him to know that I wasn?t going to forget about him that easily.

    ?Alright?you have to make a decision right now? I said to my ?friend?, knowing that she?s only stuck to me because of her thirst for popularity,

    ?Either respect my relationship with this boy?? I said raising our intertwined hands

    ??or get out of my life for good?

    ?I guess I?m out of your life? she said, guess her pride got the best of her.

    ?You?re willing to let go of you best friend?for me??

    ?Of course?
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