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Hello movellas!
My name's Alessandria Martinez but you can call me Sandi for short. I'm form Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom but I''m originally from Spain, I study English in the UK though :) I love music, One Direction, writing, instagram, tumblr, food, guitars :)
follow me, it'd mean a lot <3

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    I want to clarify something.....if u have sex....u don't get pregnant easily...its a long process about 2 months.....and i think you should practice your grammar and writing before you put anything online....also, it's really odd how they got pregnant fast, as i said, it takes about two to three months before a girl gets pregnant. You need to THINK before you post.
    Talia Is An Average Girl,17. Intil She Gets Kicked Out Of Her House. She Meets Harry Styles from One Direction And Her Life Instantly Change. Will Talia Fall For The Cheeky Pop Singer ??
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    That's why it's called a fanFICTION Hun :)
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    That's why it's called a fan
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    Sydne_Tomlinson don't listen to the hate do what the one direction boys would do just ignore it and from little mix song wings don't let what they say keep you up at night your wings are meant to fly.
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    mumbled "Me again"

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    Hello guys since my bio isn't really that informative, I decided to write about myself again.
    - I live in Nottighamshire, England, and study there, I don't know my course yet but I think I'm gonna take up Photography, Business or Medicine.
    - I have a tattoo of a G clef on the back of my ear lobe, I don't know why I got it lol but I'm planning on having another tat soon.
    - I have a boyfriend named Sawyer, I met him while I was in a cafe in London and he was working part time there, he told me he loved One Direction, it was love at first sight lol.
    - My mum is a photographer and also a part time photography teacher, she shot Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber once. while my Dad is an engineer, I don't see him that much since he's working on a 5 year project in Bulgaria.
    - I have two shih tzus, Oreo and Sky.
    - I speak Spanish.
    - I collect dream catchers and tic tac containers, I have about 47 dream catchers I got all over the world, and 53 tic tac containers, I'm gonna expand my collection!!
    - I'm addicted to tic tac and this sort of Japanese orange candy that has mint and kiwi inside?? I don't know the name but it's really good.
    - I have one nephew named Josh who fucking loves Batman and he gives me batman stuff every week.
    - I have lots of clothes, last year, my mum hired guys to expand my closet and made it walk- in cause' I have thousands of clothes, I shop like, literally every day, my parents doesn't mind that much :) I love Topshop, Forever 21, Urban Outfiters, Dolce and Gabbana etc. and I think the most expensive item in my closet right now are my two Loboutins, one is draped with crystals and the other is red with a strap, I JUST LOVE CLOTHES.
    byee and I'm planning on writing more.
    Sydney Got Deleted</3
    Hey! I'm really excited that I can co-author! I will update as often as I can. This is a real pleasure to be working for you. :)
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    Please read. :) ( co authors, my story etc)

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    hello movellas!
    My name's Sandi and I just made my first story called Count all the stars, it's a Harry fanfic so go check it out, it'd mean a lot!
    I badly need a co author cause' I'm always busy with school and stuff, and the only time I can update is when I'm in the UK, so if you want to be my co- author ( i think i need 2 or three, or just one lol). just comment on my message board/ story, I need someone who has good English grammar, and can online on Movellas 3-5 days a week, I'll just tell you what I want to write about on the incoming chapters. :)
    Oh and follow meeeee
    - Sandi
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    mumbled "frequently asked questions"

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    Q: why do you have pink streaks on your hair?
    A: actually, they're dip dye, I got them September last year when I went to an Avril Lavigne concert, I love it! My dad hates it though lol.
    Q: Describe your style
    A: I don't know, I just love putting on jeans, shirts and any kind of shoe, I follow the latest trends though, but when I was younger my style was girly
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    mumbled "losing a sister :("

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    hello guys! so today in bible study, we discussed about losing a loved one, and I shared my story to them and believe it or not, they cried lol o_0
    I have a sister named Antonia, we got along so well, in fact, I didn't have a best friend growing up because she was there for me, she's a "darer" she loves doing dangerous things ( well not really dangerous), she taught me how to ride the bike and she made me bungee jump, and she made me go with her to Florida to go snorkeling with whale sharks. When i was twelve, she had her first boy friend named Nick* (changed name), Nick met her while she was attending Law class since they have the same schedules so a few weeks later, they were official, Antonia was so in love that she talked about him non stop and being the little sister that I am, I was a bit happy for her. On their first year anniversary, Nick took her to a really cute Italian restaurant an hour away from where we live in Madrid and after that, she didn't come home, all I remember was calling my parents who are in Bulgaria that time for a business trip, so my mom said she was gonna book a flight the day after. I went to school the next day, the moment I stepped inside my class room, one of my class mate said 'bitches' of course, that made me suspicious and everyone avoided me. During lunch time, I was surprised my friends moved to another table when I sat to theirs and soon everyone was talking about Antonia and Nick, I was lucky I had one friend who still talked to me so I asked her what happened and she said that some students saw my sister and Nick having 'it' inside nick's car, I was shocked since antonia wasn't even twenty yet and she already got her virginity lost. My mom came home and found me crying, I was scared to tell her so she drove to the school and asked the Principal if my sister went to school today but she didn't so my mom called the police to help find my sister, but sadly, after five months of searching for antonia, she wasn't found, It was then last year ( i was sixteen already) She came home, and my parents disowned her but they understood, she was pregnant, for the second time, she was really thin and dirty, wearing a yellow shirt, denim jeans and maroon vans and a large baby bag, and at the back of her was a green stroller, she carried the baby and placed him on the sofa, we were really shocked and my mom was crying, all that went on my head was "oh no, she wasn't like this the last time i saw her". Soon, she started crying and told us everything, how she was so in love with nick she decided to elope with him, they stayed in an apartment, and they decided to have a baby, but they were poor so she had to work as a cashier in a music shop and nick had a part time job in Mc' Donalds. My mom forgave her and so did my dad, so i led her to her room, everything was still the same but her bed and closet was arranged, and she asked me where her shoes were and i said I stole it so she laughed at me and said she missed me so much and said her baby was going to be a girl and she wants to name it Alexandra since my name is Alessandria, she also told me her first child was named Josh after grandpa Joshua. after a few months, she was sent to the hospital for malnutrition and stress and after six days she died, so did little Alexandra, but Josh is still with us. Right now, I'm crying typing this and I'm really happy I was given a brave sister like her, she made mistakes but still urged to tell everyone the truth. RIP antonia I love you, Josh is turning two soon and his first word is 'batman" :)
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