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  • Samuel796
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    this one is gona scare you for enternal life 15 years ago a guy saw a black thing in the dark with a white head 5 year later.... and 15 people found dead in the woods and people start reliseing there kids start dissapearing people fought it was a gost but no it was worst people called it the SLENDER MAN after 1 year the slender man puted you found me now come get me in the childrens blood on walls the police were to scared to keep it opend cased so now children close there windows so they SLENDER MEN wont get them so people say hes still creepeing about in the woods looking for its next pray to feast on . in 2009 slenderman was a game and people made it the new scary maze girl !
    Jordan Philips
    5 years ago
    Hi! Thanks for entering the competition! I wanted to let you know that this entry hasn't counted. To enter, you have to upload a new movella ( and then click the green button in the corner of this page that says Join This Competition. Good luck!
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