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  • samif_72
    6 years agoReply
    Zayn&Kay though. <3
    The Naughty Chances
    The Naughty Chance...
    Kay Greene; A low profiled teenager attending Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. Attending Holmes Chapel's Comprehensive school, was not so average as they had one of the most sickening games. The Naughty...
  • samif_72
    6 years agoReply
    Harry,! He has always loved her and Niall wouldn't let her explain, she doesn't deserve that. Her and Harry all the wayy(;
    Meet Me In Battersea Park
    Meet Me In Batters...
    Let’s get this straight. My dad and I are photographers and have our own little business. Simple? Wrong. We don’t waste our time on studio pictures and birthday parties. We get paid four times the amount...
    morgan h
    6 years ago
    oh gosh..very true...hmmmmm
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