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I love to Write. I read all the time. I drink tea and coffee way more than I should. I am a senior in high school, 2013. And when I am done I am going to travel the world and publish books everywhere possible.

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    I am sorry for my inactivity this past weekend. I was invited to this convention and I entered this writing contest and I have been there all weekend.I didn't win anything :( but I just got back home and I am ready to resume my writing. I hope to have "The Memoir of Lynn" finished by the end of my spring break. That is about two or three weeks from now so it gives just enough time for you all to have it all read. Then I will start editing.
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    I didn't starting getting the issues of this story until last year. Nine years old seems a bit young, doesn't it? I didn't know kids that young battled it just like i do....
    Skinny Love
    Skinny Love
    After being bullied for years about her weight, fourteen year old Madison Drew develops anorexia. A dangerous disease, anorexia could be the death of Madison unless she receives help. Fast. And then...
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    mumbled "Happy Holidays! "

    I hope everyone had an awesome Chistmas. I know I did.
    I posted a new Movella. Go check it out. I am sure there is something in it that everyone will love.
    I am currently working on my novels and my goal is to have them both finished by the end of this school year. That gives me a couple months. I am actually shooting for spring break. That would be an awesome place to end these then I can take a break from writing and actually live life.
    I cannot promise anything though because if you haven't noticed, I tend to put off everying. I am a huge procratination. haha.
    I would love it if I had some fans to excourage me to keep going. I know you guys are out there. :) I hope everyone has an awesome New Years!
    Happy Holidays! :)
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