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  • Sami_luvs_1D_crazy
    Um I say Harry because i think it's a cuter type love story
    Act Like Lovers
    Act Like Lovers
    April Cash is 20 years old and try's out for a part in a music video, she get hired but not for what she thinks. She is parried up with Harry Styles and they must act like lovers. Will they fall each other,...
  • Sami_luvs_1D_crazy
    Pls update!!! Luv it
    old friends,new relationships
    old friends,new...
    This is my first fanfic so please give me suggestions if you have any. Lizzie jones is just your normal average girl who lives in Mullingar,Ireland. She has a best friend for life (or so she thought)...
  • Sami_luvs_1D_crazy
    Please have Harry and rue workout pls I hate when bad things happen like this
    What Humans Do
    What Humans Do
    The world of gymnastics is a cruel one and when you get injured on the job you will be seen as easy prey. That's exactly what happened to me. I'm on the UK's Olympic Gymnast team and one day it's all taken...
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