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    Hello guys srry I haven't been updating in a while but I think i want to stop movellas for a while but you can still find me on vine @piggykilla or on wattpad @hi _or_hey124 but yeah i really haven't had time for this so yeah thats why but i will be back when i get myself together
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    so I was in the car with my mom on the way home from my brothers football game(soccer) and we were listening to 1D little things and my mom loved Zayn and she was like im gonna cry...JK(she said that) and I was like oh I thought you were gonna fan-girl and shes like whats fan-girling and I was like demonstrating it and she was like ohh... I am not doing that!! and we started laughing. then I put on 5sos VooDoo Doll and calum was singing 'and it hurts in my head and my heart and my chest and im having trouble catching my breath' and my mom was like he is explaining a asthma attack and I was like oh cool. then he sang 'wont you please stop loving me to death' and she was like that's kinda creepy, having someone love you to death and I was once again like cool

    I know you're like...why did I need to know that and im like well I just wanted to share how my day was so remember *pigs are awesome!! right next to penguins oh and follow me on vine:piggykilla (I know its a weird user name but just roll with it...its for real)*
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    sorry I haven't been updating my movellas :( but today im gonna go on an updating spree just for you guys :) well gtg do that peace <3
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    Im sorry I promised you a update spree but my lap top didnt save any of it so i have to do it tomorrow
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