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So my name's Sam Anne Nicole my sister is called Chloe Anne Nicole-Styles on here.
Like my sister I love One Direction but my favorite is Louis - however they are all sexy animals! Lol.
Please check out my Movellas, most of them will be fanfic's but I will try and vary them in topics. Notice how I say try.
As I've said I love One Direction but I aslo like Little Mix and The Fray - Louis William Tomlinson introduced me to them.

Favorite song by 1D: All of them :-D
Favorite song by Little Mix: They Just Don't Know You
Favorite song by the Fray: How To Save A Life
Favorite Book: Twilight saga
Favorite Movie: The End Is Coming (Such a funny film!)
Favorite Member Of 1D: Louis Tomlinson
Favorite Member Of Little Mix: Perrie Edwards
Favorite Member Of The Fray: Don't have one :-D

Anyway that's all about me. If you want to talk to me out of Movella's we can email, my email is:

Hope You Like My Movellas - BYE! XOXOX

  • Sam Anne Nicole
    Please can I be Louis' girlfriend?
    I have brown hair that comes to my shoulder blade, sea blue eyes, I'm 5 foot 7. My full name is Samantha Anne Nicole but people call me Sam for short. Thanks :-D XOXOX
    Art Class
    Art Class
    I was sitting all alone in my art class when a really attractive guy walked in and sat next to me.
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