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    mumbled "Important Updates"

    Ok so I am going to delete Bucketlist. Sorry to everyone out there who wants to keep reading but I just can't finish it. But on the bright side, I'm working on a story right now. So, I was wondering if I should continue working on Beautiful Amber, OR come up with a new fanfiction on Ashton Irwin...

    Beautiful Amber is about a girl who gets bullied because she's emo and bad rumors are spreading.

    But again, I want to do the Ashton Irwin fanfic. Please let me know what I should do.
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    mumbled "BIG NEWS"

    Wow guys. I wonder why I never put this in the previous mumble, BUT for Christmas I got one direction tickets! Haha! I cried for an hour that night. Anyway. I am going to do a contest. Yep a contest and the winner get to be in a One Direction Fanfic I am making after I finish Perfection Between Us. To compete, you have to be a fan of me, like all my movellas, and be the first to comment the word "Taco" on my movella "Perfection Between Us" . Crazy contest, I know. But it will get you a spot in my 1D fanfic as the main character. So it starts right....NOW! Go!
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    mumbled "New Year, New Movellas, New News"

    Hey guys. Happy new year! Just want to update everybody about my upcoming movella which I hope I don't have to delete. I know I published a bunch then deleted them all because they weren't good. It must have been annoying to my two fans.. I also want to say that I get like 100-300 reads on my movellas but only have 2 fans. I guess being a fan of someone isnt that important. What's important is that you are successfully posting and everything is good. Anyway, I'm starting a new movella which might actually be better than my 3 that I have posted that were popular. So be on the look out for it and be aware.

    Thanks to Abby Styles for the cover for Midnight Memories! I love it a lot!
    Thanks to my 2 fans K.Styles. and Blank Emotions! You guys took the time to fan me. Lol.
    Bye lovelies xx
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    Yeah I'm going to update a lot
    Last Christmas
    Last Christmas
    Leena Hampton is surprised when her sister gets One Direction tickets. She wasn't really into One Direction until she saw them. They get a very good gift for Christmas from One Direction. What could it...
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    mumbled "I'm Out Of Ideas"

    Hello people. I decided to cancel The Rebel Project because I'm going to work on a Christmas One Direction fanfic. I will restart the The Rebel Project in January. I have great ideas for my fanfic. If you have read Petals Of A Flower, you will love this story. I'm starting it tonight and I have no idea when it will be finished. I will make it a HUGE deal because on my other books, I got many reads. So this book I hope will get very high in readers and likes.
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