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    mumbled "The Diamond And The Dreams"

    once there was A 14 years old girl she went with her parents to beach
    they was having fun but the girl went to swim she saw diamond
    she took it when they head to home
    the diamond told her: who's there?
    the girl surprised she didn't talk
    then diamond again said : who's there?
    the girl said : my name is lily
    the diamond say : are you sure about what are you doing?
    lily said : yes , wait what ,what do you mean?!
    the diamond stopped talking
    then when the sleep time came
    lily fall asleep then diamond brighting
    then lily started dreaming : when she woke up that her maid told her , her parents has car crash lily was so surprised !
    when she woke up she said : oh my , thanks god it was nightmare
    then in morning the dream came true
    her maid told her : your parents died in car crash ,i'm sorry
    lily said : huh? is that nightmare , am i dreaming?
    the maid : no your not , i'm so sorry about what happen
    then lily went to her bedroom thinking and thinking ,
    lily : that dream came true but how ? i can't belive that .
    in next night she went to sleep and she was crying the diamond start brighting again then lily dreamed : that she saw a girl near to beach holding teddy bear and the girl was saying : help me , help me , please i'm begging , help me !
    lily : how , how can i help tell me !
    the girl : help me , hurry up there is no time
    lily woke up she went to the beach she saw a girl next to the beach
    saying : help me help me please i'm begging !
    lily : how , how can i help?
    the girl : the diamond in your room is my heart please give it back
    lily : huh? what do you mean
    the girl : that diamond the one making your dreams true give it back please i need it i will back for you everything you lost
    lily : you will ? , ok if so then i will give it back please wait here!
    the girl : hurry hurry!
    lily gave the diamond back then the girl told her : go to sleep now when you wake up you will find everything back
    lily went to sleep she found everything back , lily learned lesson that she doesn't take anything that not for her .
    4 years ago
    I love it. Very good. Gotta love poems
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