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  • SallySoccermast

    mumbled "Stoped Cutting"

    Hey guys I have been clean for 3 weeks and 3 days now I am so happy that I am trying to quit cutting but I am still tempted to cut but I ignore the temptations
    inzayn ♡
    3 years ago
    i don't know you, but when i saw this i smiled. congratulations, be proud of yourself and as much tempting as cutting sounds, it'll ruin the beautiful canvas that you already are.
    3 years ago
    good job you should be so proud of yourself
  • SallySoccermast

    mumbled "depressed"

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    I started cutting again im just sick and tired of living for some reason can yall give me some support
    4 years ago
    def find a distraction. You seem to like writing, why not do more of that?
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