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    sorry it took so long guys but here you are and I hope you like it.
    The Doctor's Daughter
    The Doctor's Daugh...
    Have you ever wondered what happened to Jenny after she flew away in that rocket?
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    here is a poem you can use:

    rose went away
    so the doctor is blue
    ask donna 'where's the doctor'
    she'll reply 'doctor who'
    sarah-jane and martha
    and now both the ponds
    have had their fun with the doctor
    and now they've all gone
    so ask me again why the tardis is blue
    there's a sad man inside
    with both hearts torn in two
    Whovian problems
    Whovian problems
    Normal Whovian Problems! I don't own all of them some I found online. (Copyright) Plus a couple poems.
    Doctor Who 23
    4 years ago
    Nice poem
    sally sparrow
    4 years ago
    thanks its one of my favourites
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    I know its probably way to late but i feel like giving my answers anyway

    1. It depends on what you count as technically
    1 river (obviously) - "wedding of river song
    2. marilyn monroe - "a chrismas carol"
    3. queen elizabeth - "day of the doctor"
    4. the tardis (this is where it gets difficult, cause u dont see them get married but she is his wife, but then again they dont actually call each other husband and wife(the tardis calls the doctor her thief and he calls here sexy), so...) - "the doctor's wife"

    2. if you mean after they see the doctor die in the beginning of "the impossible astronaut" they went to 1969 with the younger doctor and had adventures with him
    if you mean at the end of "the wedding of river song" they lived their mundane lives saddened, until river tells them his is still alive and then later the doctor comes back to see them.

    3. original you think matt smith is the 12th regenteration but with the addition of john hurt "the war doctor" matt smith becomes the 13th regeneration, and then david tennent regenerated but keep the same face. so that makes matt the last regeneration he can have. but then the timelords give him a whole new set of regenerations. that means that peter isnt really the 14th doctor, he is actually the 1st doctor of a second set. If you want to get technical

    4. fezzes and Stetsons. though Stetsons didnt last as long as fezzes
    the first time the doctor says fezzes are cool is in "the big bang" and Stetsons are called cool in "the impossible astronaut"

    5.im not really sure of this one...
    it could be cause they were rebooting doctor who and needed to keep new audiences engaged and up to date on the facts of timelords
    it could be what andie appleshine said but im not gonna take that as my answer cause it would be cheating even if my answers probably wont be accepted

    6. im pretty sure that "the Shakespearean code" is the only doctor who episode with references to harry potter. unless you count all the doctor who/harry potter cross-over, then the list would go on...and on... and on.

    The Biggest Whovian
    The Biggest Whovia...
    Do you have every piece of Doctor Who merchandise ever made? Do your friends get annoyed at you talking about the show too much (I know mine do)? Well, here's your chance to use all that knowledge and...
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    I'm sorry, but your story freaking sucks.
    Daddy Won't See
    Daddy Won't See
    SEQUEL TO DADDY WON'T KNOW You all know Krissy and Colton's story but you have never read them like this. Meet the new Krissy, or as everyone now calls her Evans, at her new boarding school. She's the...
    jamie weasley neé malfoy
    Woah, sally U can't say that
    I know U dislike sad endings but....
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