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Hey! So, I guess you're reading this cos you want to know a bit about me. So, here you go!
I love writing (obviously :P) and I'm mad about horses! I also love archery, which, apparently, i'm pretty good at (if you don't count the times when they end up in the wood...oops). I'm also incredibly accident prone and I have a bad habit of destroying technology :/
I'm pretty quiet around strangers-more of an observing type than an action type. However, around the few people that I, not exactly trust, but something similar to that, I am lively and full of spirit.
The moon, the stars and the mysteries of the ocean have called to me since a young age, and I find myself gazing at them often. It is during these moments that I get most of my inspiration for my books and poems-sometimes just a name, a place, sometimes a line or more.
I never plan what I write, I just let it flow as it wants, which is sometimes why it takes a while for me to update my movellas (sorry about that).
I express myself through my writing, so in it you will find a piece of me (which is probably why some make little sense, or are lost in the world of dreams).
So yeah, that's me! Happy reading!

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I am a member of The Brotherhood.
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    Hi guys!

    So, as you probably realised, I've been away for a while now. Far too long. So I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of you continuing to follow me even though I hadn't uploaded for ages. Now the explanation.

    To start with, I had writers' block and just didn't know where I wanted the story to go.

    Then I just got out of the habit of writing, and then we hit exam season and I couldn't find the time anymore. Also, some personal issues came up, and it was a really hard time when I just wasn't doing much of anything, to be honest.

    I had planned to write more over the summer, but due to unforseen circumstances, mainly being put on the talent development programme for archery (which is training for the olympics!!!), I just didn't get the chance.

    But I'm back now!

    So, what's going to happen is tomorrow I'll publish a new chapter to Soul of Flames. Then, I'm going to start on a proper plan, and hopefully carry on writing more at the same time.

    So, thank you once again for continuing to support me!

    Okay, ridiculously long update over :)

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    This sounds like it's going to be an interesting story. I love how you've included a variety of mythology, including my favourites. I can't wait to read more! XD
    The Labyrinth
    The Labyrinth
    It myth meets reality. The Mythological Lords of our ancient past make a come-back, and they're not here to conquer. They'll take tributes, the Lords of War: Norse, Egyptian, Roman, Greek - Thor, Sekhmet,...
    Midnight Rogue ☕️☩
    Thanks :D I'm glad you're liking it so far
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    Is #018 time?
    Riddles of the Mind
    Riddles of the Min...
    NOTE: The Big Dango's name has changed so I apologise for the cover - KryptoKitty Loads of riddles to keep your mind active, be the first person to get the answer! Just write the riddle number and answer...
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    Yes you've won! Sorry i haven't been on lately.....
    2 years ago
    I'll give you a point on the leaderboard :)
    2 years ago
    Thanks :)
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    Soul of FlamesOn the edge of the reality we know, there exists a pathway that conceals a realm far more extraordinary than any have dared to imagine. In this realm,...
    <--Another chapter's up! And now we're about to meet the rest of the family :D Feel free to tell me what you think XD
    2 years ago
    I will do when you post SOMETHING NEW!!!!!!
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