Hey! So, I guess you're reading this cos you want to know a bit about me. So, here you go!
I love writing (obviously :P) and I'm mad about horses! I also love archery, which, apparently, i'm pretty good at (if you don't count the times when they end up in the wood...oops). I'm also incredibly accident prone and I have a bad habit of destroying technology :/
I'm pretty quiet around strangers-more of an observing type than an action type. However, around the few people that I, not exactly trust, but something similar to that, I am lively and full of spirit.
The moon, the stars and the mysteries of the ocean have called to me since a young age, and I find myself gazing at them often. It is during these moments that I get most of my inspiration for my books and poems-sometimes just a name, a place, sometimes a line or more.
I never plan what I write, I just let it flow as it wants, which is sometimes why it takes a while for me to update my movellas (sorry about that).
I express myself through my writing, so in it you will find a piece of me (which is probably why some make little sense, or are lost in the world of dreams).
So yeah, that's me! Happy reading!

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I am a member of The Brotherhood.
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