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I am most definitely a terrible writer, but it's what I love.
17 year old coffee and sleep addict.

~ I always follow back �� ~

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    mumbled "New Chapter (:"

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    Last week I forgot to post an update on the previous chapter and today it was a late update �� but anyhow new chapter to { CREATIONS } so check it out and leave me some feedback! ❤️
  • _sorrymaria

    I share my feelings by writing them down.

    8 months agoReply
    While I am looking for more readers on my Movella, it's more about just getting my writings out there. I created {CREATIONS} (see what I did there ��) because I was too afraid to say what I felt out loud. And frankly, so many people could relate to my writings. So if you don't mind check out my Movella under my profile and leave me some feedback ❤️ thanks a lot!

    {CREATIONS} is technically a book of poems, but they don't "fit" in with other poems you know? So I just call them writings because that's what they are ��
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    { CREATIONS } has been updated!! Check out the new chapter and let me know your thoughts on it please❤️❤️
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