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  • sabrinaloves1direction
    sooo she was about 15 when she had her baby I didn't read it yet but
    For the love of my daughter {One Direction}
    For the love of...
    "I told you to stay out of my life Sam! You said you didn't want anything to do with her, so why do you suddenly care when she's happy!?" "She's my daughter, I know what's best for her!" "You know...
    2 years ago
    If you read the story you'll find out x
  • sabrinaloves1direction
    why didn't you update it was getting good update plz
    Hired for Harry
    Hired for Harry
    Hired for Harry... that's whats going on. I was hired as Harry Styles' girlfriend for a whole two years, just so that the press would forget him being a 'womanizer'. I signed the contract, I have to do...
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