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So this is my Bio, eh? Well I suppose I better tell you all about the glamorously mundane life that is my own. Here we go!
Born and raised somewhere or other in England, United Kingdom, I have grown up to be a [hopefully] loveable social out cast with way too much hair for my own good which has in turn lead to my parents spending equally way too much money on shampoo and conditioner. I currently have the longest hair in the family and between all [male] friends and a lot of females! That, my friend, is what we call an achievement.

My hobbies besides messing with, brushing and having platted the ginger locks that sit atop my scalp do include music, as near every teenager, and [some of] my favourite bands are System of a Down, Front Porch Step, Raise Against, Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin. I am also an avid doodle-er and do wish to make some money of the oddities that my brain comes up with in the back of those dull and dismal Psychology lessons, but only on the side of my true dream job of writing "Teen Fiction" Did I mention I take Psychology? Yeah, I know, I regret it too. I also study Theology, Drama and Theatre and, of course, English. That's not all however, oh no, I get even more normal and typical here as I have a strange fascination with Serial Killers and pyschopaths, be it the character of Hannibal Lecter, as played ever so well by Anthony Hopkins and Mike Mikkelsen or the infamous Jack the Ripper that chilled the streets of London. The less strange interest that I have is Documentaries, usually on dangerous animals both living and prehistoric, especially Sharks and Wolves.

Well that is all I can say really, but if you ever want to talk and find out more, please do give me an inbox ^-^

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    I really need readers on my some what recent work Insert Title Here. I am getting no attention on it because I'm new and as such have 0 followers. Feedback would be so motivating! Thanks a bunch :p
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    Why hello there world. It seems that I am back again. A new account, a new me and all that wishy washy crap.
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