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Society for the protection of awesome welfare. (Yup, that's a Harry Potter reference kind of...)
A collection of awesome stuff I write, some slightly creepy, so you may want to read alongside a context/ understanding book. Precede with caution... This is like my brain, freaky. :/
I'm only joking, I'm actually just an average person who likes to read. :)

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    This is beautiful, I am just like... Speechless. I don't even know.
    You have probably helped a lot of us by writing this. Thank you xx
    *trigger warning* Self harm is not a trend. Anorexia is not a phase. Anxiety is not getting nervous before a test. Depression is not a choice. Sexual assault is not provoked. Suicide is not...
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    This is great! I would never of come up with an idea like this, and it is something I haven' seen before. Hope you can update soon! :)
    The Lost Founder (Harry Potter Fanfiction)
    The Lost Founder...
    Ivy Draggen is an average eleven year old female prankster from Dumstrang Orphanage. But when she and her peers go on a field trip to Hogwarts, she finds out she is a witch. But after a couple weeks there,...
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    Great taste, and I really like this idea! :)
    I love pretty much all of these, especially Harry Potter Haha. I live for that book!
    Fictional Favourites
    Fictional Favourit...
    What I think about a bunch of epic books such as: Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson and many more. If you have any questions, leave them in comments. Please like! Thanks!
    4 years ago
    Me too! Thanks
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