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I'm from the United States! I lived in Germany for three years. I'm married and I have three awesome daughters. My girls are the reason I write, talk, and breathe! Life is full of crazy moments, but don't let the crazy moments determine your future! I'm also an author, I write under the name S.B. Santiago!

  • S.B. Santiago
    Good job. It is realistic, and emotional.
    Tom – no one knows the torment he feels, the rejection and the inner battle he fights every day. An existence of two people in one body, forever in conflict. Christie – a little different to normal...
  • S.B. Santiago
    You're doing good, just pay attention to some of the comments below. It seems like you are writing this in present tense, which is neat because present tense is hard to pull off. You want to make sure your tense is uniform. You are doing really good. Keep writing!
    The School Girl Who Faced The Bully!
    The School Girl...
    This is a story about a School Girl called Kessy, She lives on a boat, Travelling everywhere with her mum Katie and her dad Bouncer. They do everything together, They go fishing on Sunday's and Aquarium...
  • S.B. Santiago
    LOL Well that's WOW for you!
    The diary of a transvestite tank engine
    The diary of a tra...
    This is a story of a tank engine, who is a transvestite. This is not a personal attack on anyone, and is only meant for fun, nothing serious. We hope that people can take this a bit more immaturely,...
  • S.B. Santiago
    I could feel the emotion in your story. You are off to a nice start. You might want to spell 4 and 7 out when you revise your story. Other than that keep up the great work.
    Bailey is 14, she has been bullied her whole life because she has been small. Will she kill herself? Rabbit is 11, she is bullied because of her name, how will she deal with it? This story is about two...
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