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A girl. Potterhead. Sheeranator. Lovatic. Directioner. Writer. Living in her imagination, her fantasy, her paradise, her land of freedom.

Also writes in Quotev, though she prefers the term Quizazz. You can find her stories at http://www.quotev.com/HarryPotterMaraudersGeek and http://www.quotev.com/UniqueAndOriginal

Okay, never mind about the third person's introduction. I am a girl, sensitive yet quiet strong. Secretive yet talkative. Creative yet a bit short-minded. Clumsy yet detailed. A tomboy yet still a girl at heart.

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    Update please. Can't wait for more! :3

    [Where do I come in? Or are you not going to put it in anymore? :P]
    My Tattooist.
    My Tattooist.
    "You're a tattoo in my skin,you're my addiction,but I just can't keep letting you in my skin,cause you're destroying me." I looked at Liam,who was staring at me while he sang.And at the moment he looked...
    n i a m & z i a l l .
    Wait!I am currently figuring that out!:3
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