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"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." - Marilyn Monroe

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    I have just found this blog after 7 months and it's almost scary - I'm not where I thought i'd be. To be honest, my entire life I pictured myself going to university and following my dreams ... which i've done. But not in the way I planned. I was going to go to Bangor University to study a BA in Professional and Creative Writing - this was supposed to be the dream I had been working towards all of my life ... and instead I had a last-minute freak out, phoned up Aston University on results day and got a place studying a BSc in Psychology, 4 year sandwich course.

    So I followed my head and not my heart, despite the only advice people could think to give me this year being 'just follow my heart'. But my heart is not thinking straight: I have chosen the better option for myself and my future ... but it took a while to get used to.

    And of course I love my choice now, but it took a while to feel this way. I took such a random leap into a choice I never fully expected to go along with and ended up loving it. But the love took time and effort - I can never fully shake from my mind the question of 'did I leave my dream behind' or 'is this the right place for me'. But the right place for me is somewhere that makes me happy, and this place makes me happy. At least for now ... and that's all you can really do in life: be happy.
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    I always thought i'd reach that point in life where everything just started to work out. It's just suddenly hit me how real life actually is. That sounds daft, because life is obviously real, I just didn't expect it to feel as real as it did now - every day has the oppertunity to be what we want it to be: we can't just skip over the boring bits or highlight the best moments and make them into a little montage. No, we have to go through every boring second and make them not so boring.

    I'm 17, and i'm going to university in September. I live in Leeds and i'm moving to Wales. I've spent most of my life in expectation that the next month, year, moment will be the time when my life begins. Not that i've had a particularly boring or horrible life - no, i'd say my life has been a good one, and I wouldn't change it for the world. What I mean is, I have the freedom to do whatever I want with my life, but I have to actually live it. This sounds so daft and obvious but it's only just hitting me now. All these dreams and hopes and ambitions I have, they all have to be achieved by me stepping out of my comfort zone, out of the element of everything I know and taking a chance.

    And my life won't go by like an advert for the perfect writer. It won't go by in a social whirl where every memory is a good one. They'll be times when I sit at my desk with writers block, and my hair is greasy because i've done nothing but sit in my pajamas and watch HOUSE re-runs for the last few nights. They'll be times when i haven't met my future husband yet, when I haven't moved to New York yet, where I am still waiting for my life to begin. I hope at this point I will wake up and see that my life has in fact begun, and no matter what, I can make it into something great.

    Here's a thought. What if we're dreaming right now, and when we wake up we'll be in a dream that is actually real life? MINDBLOW!

    Anyway. Hi. Bye. Thanks for listening. Or reading. Or not, if you just scrolled down to read the last line. Weird, go up and read the rest.

    :) <3
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