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Hi :) my story's will mostly be fantasy story's of 1D and their freinships to each other.
by the way some stuff on my profile is not true though mosly I lied about my name and age everything else is true

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    I quite like this? Hope you update soon :)
    Opposites - HS
    Opposites - HS
    Without the experience of the opposite there is no experience of wholeness.
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    Love it :D
    The Change
    The Change
    Nerd: (noun) a contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious. There. In that sentence is Marcel's character summed up. The boy with the thick black-framed glasses resting on the...
    4 years ago
    Thanks :)
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    mumbled "Marcel/Harry styles and vampire fanfic "

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    If you like Marcel changing into Harry fanfics and you like vampires please read my fanfic, the devil in disguise? You'll love it :) I've just updated it to...
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    mumbled "One Direction fanfics"

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    Any one want to read my fanfics? I accidenly turned one direction into vampires

    ID/Percy Jackson Series?

    Please read and comment?
  • Ruff1718
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    I'll update 2morrw and thanks for commenting :)
    I accidentally changed one direction into vampires
    I accidentally cha...
    Hi my names Amber and I'm a vampire, I never knew my world would turn upside down once I acidently turned 5 hot boys, I never knew that one day I would fall in love with a shadow (an evil vampire) I...
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