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Married to the most awesome guys on the planet, One Direction!

  • Rozayn Malik
    Simon's Step-Daughter
    Simon's Step-Daugh...
    After my Mum married Simon things have gotten really different. I mean at their wedding There were like 50 different celebrities there. I know he's The Simon Cowell and he is in charge of all different...
  • Rozayn Malik

    I wanna read your new Movellas!

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    Pls gimme ur movellas names
    and introduce urselves
    cuz I need movella buddies
    C. S. Serna
    1 years ago
    Hi, I hope you could read my first story here in Movellas.
    Shadowing HeartsCeline Jones, an unexperienced girl just starting Sixth Form, moves to Norwich with her father. Her view of life and love changes on the very first day...
    4 months ago
    Little ThingsPeyton Williams mother is an attorney, she decides to take Justin into her home for a couple moths just so he could stay out of trouble. During that time...
    4 months ago
    I'm Maria I made my first movella today would you check it out. it is called the story you don't know
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