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My friends define me as a tomboy. Secretly i am girly.
My fav singers are : adele , one direction , katy perry , etc.........
my fav color is purple/turquoise (:

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    sorry it took long to updated
    Once Loved Never Love Again
    Once Loved Never...
    Roise a girl that surf the waves . A year ago was broken heart , her mom died that same year . Roise's dad disappear , when she was five year. When roise was borken hearted , she promise to never let...
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    Plz update soon
    an angels voice
    an angels voice
    July never talkd, never. Her parernts always thought she couldn't even tough the doctors told them there is no physical reason why she couldn't talk. What her parents don't know is that July can talk,...
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    plz update it good
    Lost in Riddles (Harry Potter Fanfiction
    Lost in Riddles...
    Her Father A tyrant, a dictator, know by all and feared by many. A truly terrible heritage it is to be the daughter of Lord Voldemort. Romany Riddle. A Letter After 26 wizarding school experiences...
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    Plz update
    Forbidden But Magic
    Forbidden But Magi...
    Kristen Kantel goes to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry she is a Slytherin she also comes from a full blood family and is the quidditch team captain and has never even thought about boys especially...
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    Awesome !!!!! plz update soon
    Switched (A 1D/Eleanor Calder Fanfic)
    Switched (A 1D/Ele...
    How annoying would it be if everyone around you kept mistaking your name for someone else? Someone you have never heard of. How annoying it is for random people coming up to you asking to have photos with...
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