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☻ 16 year old peasant.


☻ One Direction & 5 Seconds of Summer are life.

☻ Luke is my Prince Charming and Niall is the boy who stole my heart.



I took a test to see which house I belonged to and here were my results:

☻ Gryffindor-12
☻ Slytherin-12
☻ Ravenclaw-9
☻ Hufflepuff-6


☻ I update every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

☻ Please don't advertise yourself or your stories I will delete your comment.

☻ Accounts:

Twitter/ @RoyalHemmings_
Instagram/ @RoyalHemmings_official
Gmail/ RoyalHemmings@gmail.com
Wattpad/ @RoyalHemmings


☻ Accomplishments:

100 fans -



☻ Completed Books:

☻ Incompleted Books:


☻ I make my own covers, if you would like for me to make you a cover message me on any of the accounts above or DM me on here.

☻ My stories are unedited, sorry if they suck.

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