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Hellooo ;3

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    It's hard to read, so please start using good grammar. Thank you.
    Can you save me?
    Can you save me?
    Hi well I'm summer rose liset and I'm 18 years old I've tried commuting suicde multiple times and i never succeed I want it to end my parents were murdered when I was 16 I'm not even close to pretty...
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    Update! Seriously U-P-D-A-T-E
    It's Always Been You. (Larry Fanfiction)
    It's Always Been...
    Louis and I have been secretly dating for about a year now. I’ve loved him since the first sight of him. I needed to be with him. Every time we kiss , I’m just reassured that I love him a lot. The boys...
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    Wish granted.
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    I would LOVE to read this, but I'm under 16 :D So keep writing, I think a lot of others would love it.
    Stockholm Syndrome
    Stockholm Syndrome
    First place winner of the Apr-May Picture Prompt Competition. A strange unknown man, with an obsession with capturing attractive girls find his perfect beauty and documents their 'quality' time together....
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    It's going too fast, and typos are bad. Continue whitout them. K bye.
    Lily Potter's Secret
    Lily Potter's Secr...
    Lily Potter "Princess" her mum and dad called her but all of that is about to change. Will Lily be able to keep her secret a secret when she starts Hogwarts under James' and Albus' watchful eyes. This...
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