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Hi. I enjoy writing, although I haven't published anything in quite some time, but feel free to message me! I'm always open to suggestions. Happy reading :)

  • Nomad Tocavox

    mumbled "no more publishing schedule"

    I apologize to all my readers for the long wait of chapter 6. It is out now, but I realize that I can't keep up with the schedule, so I'm "throwing caution to the wind" so to speak, and I'm getting rid of it.
    - Happy reading :)
  • Nomad Tocavox

    mumbled "publishing schedule update!"

    Hey, I'm sorry guys. I can't publish this week, but next week and every other week from now on I'll publish. I hope you understand.
    Happy reading :)
  • Nomad Tocavox

    mumbled "publishing schedule"

    Hey, I just wanted to let people know that I plan on publishing at least one chapter per week, but if I'm able I'll post two. :)
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