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I'm Ross.

I express my incredibly filthy mind through writing, since it helps me not be dirty minded in the real world and scare people.

Enjoy my literature. Tips are always appreciated.

Part of the TEA club, led by Enya Sanders and Mitchy Kay.

  • Ross Jameson
    I have examined your profile from afar, my dear, yet without an account I could not ever talk to you, or give you the praise you deserve.

    I have taken interest in this TEA club of yours. It would be nice to feel like I belong on this new website, where, at the moment, I have nobody.
    Ross Jameson
    3 years ago
    Ah yes, tea.. perhaps one of the coolest things in human history.

    Originally grown in China, and only ever really exported to Japan, it used to be called "Tu".
    Then, in the 1500s, it found it's way into Europe, and Britain went crazy over it.
    We pretty much created a naval empire for the soul purpose of gathering tea from China, and we near enough bankrupted ourself buying it all from China.

    I could go on about the wonderful history of how our tea came to be, but I feel that little snippet will suffice for now.
    Eve Smallman
    3 years ago
    Yes indeed haha, well that works well enough! Welcome to the club, I won't bother asking Mitchy to make you a badge because he's got better things to do, but yeah, have a tea cup, feel free to copy the TEA thing from his about me and stuff :)
    Ross Jameson
    3 years ago
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    Thank you. :)
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