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  • Rosiemellarkpinkpony
    Update plz I'm dieing for a new chapter
    Letting Go
    Letting Go
    After being brutally abused by her father and outcasted by her classmates, seventeen year old Keller Alvidas is glad and even relieved to spend her last year at Edge-of-The-World, the sleepy small town...
  • Rosiemellarkpinkpony
    Hey my name is Eliza I'm 12 I have aburn hair my eyes change by my mood I like Liam And I want 2 have a baby and still be college our daughters Name can be Rebecca and we get married u can come up with the rest thanks bye
    One Direction Imagines
    One Direction Imag...
    Hey there! So i'm like reallyyy bored with my life(forever alone) lolol jk. So i've decided to make an imagine!! :D just comment your name, age(if wana) hair color/eye color, any guy from One Direction...
  • Rosiemellarkpinkpony
    Uhhhhh update plz
    Touring with One Direction
    Touring with One...
    Jane Tyler has been close friends with the members of One Direction for awhile now. But, for the first time ever, the band has invited her to go on tour with them. That means endless parties, meeting fans,...
  • Rosiemellarkpinkpony
    AHHHHHH! Update I'm going nuts and it sounds like Louise is having a crush on Cami
    Pregnancy Love
    Pregnancy Love
    It all happened the night my parents kicked me out because of my apparent drinking and drug addiction, which for those of you who don’t know is no where near true, I did drink a little but who doesn't...
  • Rosiemellarkpinkpony
    Plz update just read it sorry it's been such a long time but I am eager for more!!!!
    Slave Auction
    Slave Auction
    ***Announcement: It would mean so much if you supported me and bought this book on Amazon.com called The Last Girl by Riley Shasteen! Thanks<3*** *The complete version of this story is on Amazon.com,...
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