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    mumbled "Hello"

    Hi fans/followers i have written a story about my life but twisted it so it is also a 1d fanfiction and i will caryy on writing i until i can tbe bothered or ive run out of everything.
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    amazing Izzy xx
    My Brother's Best Friends ( Zayn Fan Fiction )
    My Brother's Best...
    Izzy is just your normal 16 year old. Apart from the fact her brother is Harry Styles. She has 3 Best Friends Lauren, Jaydean and Karli who are crazy directioners. What happens when the 3 girls grow closer...
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    Do a sequel
    Daddy's Girl
    Daddy's Girl
    Bella and Niall have been in 'love' with each other for a year now but both been scared to tell each other. The One Direction boys tell Niall too just tell her his true feelings towards Bella but he is...
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    was a great chapter49 keep going love its actually awesome uve worked brilliantly xx
    Little Things (16+) - Completed - Sequel Posted!!!
    Little Things (16+...
    Sisters on vacation without their family for the first time... What could go wrong? When a mix up with their hotel reservation throws them into world wind romances with one of the hottest boy bands in...
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