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Hi! Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy 'Rare Sight', which I loved writing - I've already drafted book 2. All 21 chapters are now on here.

  • Rosie Sandler

    More than one category

    I was wondering if it might be possible to allocate more than one category to a movella? For instance, my movella, 'Rare Sight', is in the supernatural category, but would also fit into adventure and possibly another one as well.
    I'm sure there are other movellas that fit into more than one category.
    Perhaps there already is a way to allocate more than one categ. and I've just not found it?!
    5 years ago
    If it has two catagories then eaither pick the one where there is most of it in like say you were writing on with romance and mystery but there was more mystery. you would choose mystery. Or you can use other.
  • Rosie Sandler

    Load a pic

    Hi there.
    I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but I keep trying to upload a profile pic. It is a jpg and is only about 35kb, so why, after I've selected the pic, does it not upload to be my profile pic?
    All help gratefully received!
    Nina :)
    5 years ago
    That's annoying. Why don't you try uploading another picture?
    Rosie Sandler
    5 years ago
    Thanks, Nina. The kind folks at Movellas had me email them various screen shots, then took pity on me and let me email the image to them, which they kindly uploaded, so I'm sorted :-) (I had tried other pics and a different web browser, but none worked - curiouser and curiouser...)
    Thanks for responding, though! :-)
    Nina :)
    5 years ago
    That's okay :)
  • Rosie Sandler
    Hi, Shawnee Rose. Sorry to hear you had a lot of negative response to this one. I was really impressed by it. (BTW it's a joy to read something that isn't full of grammatical errors!) I have to admit that I am not religious, but I thought there were some great phrases: "I am the wolf that takes your life" / "I am the laughter that slips between those lips" (although this one is slightly ruined by the word 'nerd' - or have you done that on purpose?) A really interesting piece, that only needs a bit of tightening up - but I don't know what to suggest about other people's intolerant reactions!
    Who Am I?
    Who Am I?
    This is a controversial short story I wrote. If you are extremely religious and feel the need to throw your opinions around, I kindly ask you either not to comment or not to read it. Thank you. It needs...
    Shawnee Rose
    5 years ago
    Thank you for your comment!!! Not many people like it because it's clearly questioning a majority of religions. I do admit it needs some tightening up and I'm hoping to get that done sometime this week or next.
    Thanks again!!! :)
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