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  • Rosetta Stone
    Her dress was blood stained, a white pearl wedding dress. Her knees were scabby and her hair was tangled and long. She held in her hand a large trick-o-treat bag full of sweets. But some were bloodstained. She ran to the next house and knocked at her door.

    'What do you want, little girl?' the woman said. Her face was scabbed and bloody. It was real.
    'Um, I was wondering if you had any sweets for halloween. I'm trick o treating.' she said, shivering. It was really cold outside. She had a chill up her spine.
    'Oh of course, come on in, child.' she whispers. A chill was in her voice. She shook her head but the woman pulled her in and locked the door.

    The girl's wrist was swollen and probably fractured.
    'Come on in, child.' the woman pulled her arm again and it shocked in pain, oozing out black blood. They walked in, the girl going to collapse, but she didn't. She gasped and cried.

    The room was full of steak knifes, axes, bows and arrows, and in a corner, piles of sweets.

    'To get pass the stage and win your goodies, you must throw and kill the dummies, using the weapons. If you do not, you will be trapped into a basement until you find your way out.' a creepy, pale woman says.

    The girl grabs the knifes and throws them into the dummies. She hits them and then moves onto the axes, throwing them into the dummies head's, and then she grabs the bows and hits one into the pale woman. She collapses.

    The girl is grabbed and put under a bed. They press the lever and her head is cut off. She gets up and is dead.
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