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Failing to try is trying to fail.

  • RosaBella
    4 years agoReply
    I love your writing, and this is so true! I'm like, the biggest feminist ever, and I think people think I'm nuts but I'm glad to see that someone else sees things this way! I wish there was some way the world could belong to women!
    The F-Word
    The F-Word
    A political article about burkas, Beyonce and the meaning of feminism.
  • RosaBella

    mumbled "Dolls"

    4 years agoReply
    Hello everyone!
    I've just started a new movella, Dolls, and I'm falling in love with it! (Not to pat myself on the back, but it is rather unique.) Anyway, I would hope that some of you would read it and give me some feedback! I'd appreciate it!
    Thank ya!
  • RosaBella
    4 years agoReply
    Indeed she should be
    The Diary of a Magical Muggleborn
    The Diary of a Mag...
    I was minding my own business one day at home, sipping my favorite lemon tea, when the strangest thing happened. An owl flew in through the open window and dropped a piece of parchment onto the couch beside...
  • RosaBella

    mumbled "Concerns - Please Help!"

    5 years agoReply
    I'm very concerned about continuing to post my work online. Does anyone realize how simple it is to copy and paste their exact words onto another document and sign it with another name? I do and it makes me nervous. Is there any way to "watermark" or protect your movellas and stories? Thank you for any help - it's appreciated!
    5 years ago
    I don't know that. But I totally agree!
    5 years ago
    Thanks for agreeing! Yeah I wish I knew a way to have it protected
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