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My favorite colors are black & dark blue. My favorite band is the GazettE, I'm a big fan of the Asian culture. My favorite shows are Black Butler, Bleach, Attack on Titan & Blue Exorcist. Ok, dat's it. By, gtfo now! ^^

  • Roo Gazetto
    Hmm, let's see, well I always go for the villians in movies cause I want a villian to win one day, but noooo, it's Hollywood. But I've gotta say, I've always loved Hades from Hurcules, he was just always so damn badass. Then there's the girl from the Ring, the ghost- man I can't remember her name-, but she just had such a beautifully sad story. Then there's the house from Monster House. Then there's the rich guy from Titanic, Rose's husband- I think. I would've stayed with him, got all his miney, then killed him -.- Just kitten, no. But I would've stayed with him cause his doe. Then last there's Ulquiorra Schiffer, Grimmjow and Nnoitra because tjey were my ultimate favorites and I cried when.... nevermind, I don't wanna be spoiler. I just cried ok -_-
  • Roo Gazetto
    Hmm, I'd say, Ichigo Kurosaki- because he's badass, Rin Okumura- cause he's my second favorite color, Sebastian Michaelis- do I really need a reason for him?, Grell Sutcliff- lol, he reeeeally doesn't need a reason, & Mikasa from Attack on Titan- she's just real badass.

    How they'd all react to each other? Well, Mikasa would just be a wallflower, Rin & Ichigo would be talking about their similar occupation, Sebb-chan would be avoiding Grell & I would be watchi them all while drinking tea; like a pedo -_-'
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