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    mumbled "Imagine"

    "Hey, I am Niall." he says. you can see his blue eyes.
    you are extremely drunk and therefore the over him after he introduces himself.
    "I ___" you say and he smiles. You know he could smell the stench of your breath but you are still smiling.
    "Why are you here? you looks broken." He says. He probably noticed your red&puffy eyes
    "I'm here because my boyfriend dumped me., And you? Why are you here?" You ask.
    "I came to relax " He says and smile.
    "Fuck someone, you mean?" you asking.
    "I'm not a guy like that." He says with a smile.
    "All the guys is like that." you say.
    "But I'm not." He says.
    "I bet that you are like that guys. But what did I gain??" You ask.
    "I'll buy you a drink." He replies.
    "I'd rather ... kiss." You say.
    "I prefer to show you I'm not like that." He insists.
    "This dream again ?" Niall asks after you wake up abruptly.
    "Yes, This dream again. The sweet dream about the day I met you
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