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    Aptitude test
    Name: Brooklyn
    Age: 13
    Gender: female
    Faction born into: Dauntless
    Appearance: 5'7 tall, thin, long strawberry blonde hair, green eyes
    Characteristics: loves to take risks, loves to sing, stands up for people, scares a lot of boys and if you are her friend and you get hurt by someone, she will hunt down the person who hurt you and make him sorry
    Friends: Ellee (best friend Dauntless) Chris (older- brother) Adam (younger brother)
    Favorite things: being outdoors, training alone in the woods, being with her best friend Ellee, being herself
    Background info: My mom got killed when I was five making me the only girl in the house. I learned to be a man and I can easily take down my brothers. My dad is almost never around and my best friend Ellee is the only best friend I have.
    Family: Dad, Chris (older brother), Adam (younger brother)
    Hobbies: being outside, singing, making secret dream catchers
    Best trait: defending people and kicking someone's butt
    Favorite color: Purple
    Bow and arrow
    Give up the seat
    Sacrifice myself
    Stand up
    Help (if I didn't purposely hut them)
    Trick then back
    Realize it's poison
    Get involved
    Aptitude Tests
    Aptitude Tests
    Have you ever wondered what your aptitude test would have been like? Not just the result of your test, but also what would have happened in the testing room? Well look no further, I've created this Movella...
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    I would like to be the daughter of Zues and my name is Rose. I have strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes. I and very nice but don't mess with be in battle or in general or u will get u back one million times worse. I would like a boyfriend please.
    percy and sara jackson book 1
    percy and sara jac...
    being a halfblood is dangerous. Especially when you're a child of the three gods
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    Please make Nico have a girlfriend...please
    Demigods & Wizards United
    Demigods & Wizards...
    4 demigods. 3 wizards. 2 schools. 1 enemy. Lord Voldemort has grown stronger. He has sided with the monsters that want to kill the demigods. The only way to stop him is to send Percy Jackson, Annabeth...
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    waittttttt it did seem like in BOO rick was gonna ship reyna and nico
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    Please add more!! It's amazing!!!!
    One Direction in Harry Potter 2
    One Direction in...
    It's Haley's second year at Hogwarts. Her summer was horrible but she was excited to see all of her friends. Especially Liam. But something is about to happen that jeopardizes all of it. Everyone is affected...
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    Omg!!! This is the an amazing book!!!!
    A Magical Month (Magical trilogy book #1)
    A Magical Month...
    *Completed* 1975 ... Alex and her best friend Kyle's school decides to make their student exchange program with a a very strange school, a school that teaches REAL magic - it's called Hogwarts School...
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    Thank you ^^
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