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    this week is homecoming week!! yayy!!! im going with a friend thats a girl and not a guy.. i would be going with my (hopefully) future boyfriend, tyler, but he got grounded and can't go. hes taking me to the carnival day after tomorrow though. !YAY! but my dress is the cutest bright pink sequined dress that has twirly thingys going down it. it is honestly my dream dress. i wouldnt mind wearing it forever. when i saw it, i knew it would be special. it fits my figure perfect!! i can't waiitt!!! i wish i was going with tyler tho. :( everyone at my school thinks we r going out, and they all say that we are cute together. i hope that we get together. but the thing is, my mom doesn't want me daiting, and the other thing is, well hes almost 17 and hes a freshman, im a freshamn too, but im 14. and barely that.. tyler has the cutest eyes. :3 wellll, talk to ya later!!
    JulieAnne R.
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