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Hey guys , I am Rochelle Vittori and I am 12 years old . I love One Direction and Harry Potter . You want fans ? Fan me and I will definitely fan you !!!

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    I love this movella !!!!!!!!
    I would like to donate a calculator for Arithmancy . Doesn't matter if it isnt needed. Bought by Septima Vector , the arithmancy teacher .
    The Muggle Auction
    The Muggle Auction
    Kaitlyn Potter and Michelle Weasley 11 bring to you the FIRST Muggle Auction in Diagon Alley !!! And YOU , my fellow Muggles are free to comment on what you would like to donate to the auction and which...
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    Hi , This is my first movella and I was wondering if you could possibly make me a cover .
    1.Name of the movella : SERIOUSLY,Sirius?
    2.Mood :Bright
    3.Genre : Fanfiction(Harry Potter)
    4. A 17 year old boy with dark brown hair and grey eyes possibly in the hogwarts uniform , and a 17 year old pretty girl with blonde hair and any color eyes ,rolling her eyes(if possible) again possibly in the hogwarts uniform .
    5.It's about Sirius Black and this girl he has known since he was small . But now he finds himself falling for her .
    That's all . Please make the cover! :)
    CorkyPorky's Cover Store //CLOSED
    CorkyPorky's Cover...
    I really enjoy making covers, so I figured why not make covers for other people on Movellas? Just comment the details listed in the first chapter and I'll do my best to make a cover to the best of my...
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    Done! Unfortunately, I couldn't find an image of the girl rolling her eyes...but I hope it's okay still! :)
    Rochelle Potter
    4 years ago
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    I LOVE IT !!!
    4 years ago
    Glad you likee!
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    Name : Alexis Clarke
    Age : 11
    Lives with : Two elder brothers ( 17 & 22 ), Parents
    Appearance : Straight whitish blonde hair , a little bit above the waist , grayish blue eyes , small for her age .
    Personality :
    1.not very talkative ,open with friends
    2.can be crazy though , at times
    3.intelligent,excellent at charms
    4.stands up for friends
    House : Ravenclaw
    Quidditch : Better than most people , not the best .
    Brother is Quidditch captain for Ravenclaw

    Please write this story !
    Your Time At Hogwarts
    Your Time At Hogwa...
    Have you ever wanted to go to Hogwarts? Don't lie, you always have. Enter your character and read their adventure at Hogwarts where everyone is the main character!
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